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You deserve a photographer that GETS YOU! Let me tell you what I’m about and make sure we are a good fit for each other!

I get it. Getting your photo taken can be freakin' scary. It's a vulnerable space to be in especially on your BIG DAY when nerves could already be high and things are getting REAL! Your photographer is essentially someone who's going to be up close and personal for some of the biggest moments of your life. So who in the heck wants someone they don't feel like they can be themselves with?!?! Heck no! That's why my goal is to get to know you! The last thing I want to do is just be another “vendor” (blah I hate that term) that shows up and takes off with barely trying to connect with you. I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND GOSH DARN IT! Because the more comfy you feel with me the more FIRE you're going to look in these it photos! It all comes back to me wanting to serve you best with photos that you actually feel like yourself in. 

I often push that we get opportunities to Facetime each other or meet up before your wedding or even before booking! Because it matters to me that we feel like we can connect easily and have fun together!

Get it out of your head that you need to use some kind of fancy words to talk to or email me! Or even that you need to know what you're talking about when it comes to all this wedding stuff! I know for most people this is the first time they’ve ever had to plan a wedding or be a bride or groom. I don’t expect you to have this all together! I’M HERE FOR YOU. I’ve likely been to more weddings than you and have seen quite a bit. Sooo…I’m here to bring you my expertise wherever it is most helpful.

If you want to break the rules I'm behind you!

I'm not here to come change who you are! But, my hope is for your personality to truly SHINE through these images! The last thing I want you to do is look back at these photos and see that you felt awkward or didn’t feel like yourselves. I try my best to vibe off of who you guys are and the way you interact. Encouraging actions and movement that only support that! I recognize that every couple is different and want to work alongside you the best I can. I’m not about forcing anything on you that isn’t you!

I actually congratulate couples when they decide to go against tradition and stay true to what matters most of them. Let's get to the core of what you love most and want on your wedding day. That’s what this should be about right?! Whatever fun and crazy ideas you have for your big day, just know I support you, I’M HERE FOR IT!

There will likely be lots of: Frolicking, Splashing, Cuddling, Laughing, Kissing.

I Promise you 95% of people tell me they are awkward in front of the camera and it's almost always proven to be false. Yeah, I'm sure you would look awkward if I put you in some lame, stiff prom poses but that is like the exact opposite of what this is all about. We’ll make this loose and fun! I know you’ll KILL IT! 

I don’t think I’m very good at staying behind the scenes or like some sort of fly on the wall. I want to celebrate with ya! Think of me as another friend cheering you on and trying to make your day as magical as possible! I want to joke around with your bridesmaids and hit the dance floor with you, all while capturing these moments that mean so much to you! I hope you are cool with me wanting to join the party a little!

Get it out of your head that you need to be some kind of professional model for this! You do you boo!

There are no words to describe Sunny as a person and photographer but amazing. From the start Sunny was always prompt in answering emails and answering ALL of my questions not just some. She was SO flexible in making exactly what I was looking for happen. She adjusted her usual packages to make a better one that fit me and at the best price I could have asked for with everything she was including!! I, unfortunately, had to make some budget cuts and reduced her time with me by about almost half. Sunny made all my dreams come true even in just that small amount of time. She never even hesitated to say that she would still try and get all I wanted somehow, and HOLY COW did she do that!! My wedding pictures are worth so much more to me than I even paid and I have her to thank for that. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and stunning in every way. Sunny is also ridiculously sweet and funny (makes it easy to relax) AND she has water gear to take water shots!! She captured all the details I asked and so so so much more. I seriously am tearing up as I write this thinking about them! If I could do this day over again I would, forever, for the rest of my life. Obviously I can’t, but these pictures allow me to do that even if just a little bit. I am currently ordering them to be printed and I can not wait to have them hanging in our house forever. Thank you so much Sunny! If you’re reading this HIRE HER!! You will never ever regret it!

from Toni + Jimmy

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We absolutely LOVED working with Sunny!! She is incredibly sweet and amazing at what she does. She made my fiance and I feel comfortable and really have fun with the shoot! Sunny knows the best places to go and did whatever it took to get the perfect photo. Our engagement pictures turned out beautifully and I am so in love with the way she captured us!!

from Avery + Lucas

What my people are saying...

This was my fiancé and I’s first ever time visiting Hawaii. From the moment we booked our trip to Oahu, we knew we wanted to hire a photographer to capture the moments we wanted to be able to look back on for the rest of our lives. Sunny - you completely ROCKED it!!! You couldn’t imagine how many compliments we have received from so many people, especially our friends and family back home here in Indiana. Sunny’s skills are incredible and she kills it at her job! Not only is she an incredible photographer, but an amazing, humble human being. Andrew and I could have talked to her for hours about life, traveling, amazing people, and about how beautiful the island was itself. God sure is an artist and you can see it so perfectly in those North Shore sunsests!! Hawaii, we miss you SO much!! We are beyond THANKFUL for Sunny and her work. These pictures are our favorite and now we can look back at them for years and years to come!

from Kaitlyn + Andrew

What my people are saying...

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If you're saying YASSSSS to all this, I think it's time we get this ball rollin'! Or even if you got more questions, I'm here for you!

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