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Hey there friend! I'm a smoothie obsessed, picnic lovin' avid travel planning, curly-headed chic! Tada! But of course one of my main passions is capturing love stories and getting to know some rad people in the process!

I'm an extroverted-introvert which basically means all my weird and crazy can come out when I'm celebrating my people (aka YOU)! But naturally, I'm a little more on the calm side and thrive in the outdoors, in a nice deep conversation about dreams or just chillin' taking in the simple stuff! On my days off you can 100% find me hiking or soaking up some beach time! I mean, I live in Hawaii, you kind of have to enjoy all its beauty haha!

It's been such a joy of mine to work with people from all over the world and getting to be a part of their stories! I'm passionate about everyone I photograph feeling the freedom to be themselves and super comfy!

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I literally search flights around the world for FUN! Like in my free time you can find me searching for the best deals to Italy and Thailand! It just gets me PUMPED! I know, it's weird! But travel has become so near and dear to my heart! I love being able to discover the different beauty of places all over the world. So, many of the trips I've taken have grown me in a deeper way as well which is why I see travel as such a good teacher and 100% worth every penny! I've been so fortunate to have visited some amazing places including Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Greece, Iceland, and the Philippines! But, trust me the list is ever-growing!


Basically sums up my diet! My freezer is PACKED with frozen fruit! You could say I have a slight problem (or a big one). It's super nerdy but I obsess over all the different ways you can play with the flavors, textures and Instagram-worthiness (you best believe it better look good) of smoothies! Come over and that's probably the only thing I'll feed you!


You're talking to a girl that purchased half of her closest at Goodwill! I freakin' love a good treasure hunt! I'll spend 3+ hours in any thrift shop and literally flip through EVERY hanger! I'm all about getting killer deals on things that would otherwise be $$$!


Holy moly I love my home!!! I can honestly say I don't think there has ever been a time that I've been sick and tired of where I live! I am beyond grateful to have been raised in a place that pops up on a whole lot of people's bucket lists. Hawaii has a special place in my heart. I'm always eager to explore more of this beautiful place when I can! As much as I love to travel I also love that this is the little island I get to come home to after every trip! The amount of adventure to discover here seems endless. There is always a new hike, beach or secret spot I'm added to my list!


None of this would be possible without my homie Jesus! God has drastically flipped my life upside down. It's through Him that I've found purpose, value, worth and all the energy to run this little business of mine! Jesus fuels my excitement to learn and grow in what I do to ultimately serve and love others better than I could ever do on my own!



I'm on the move! If you read anything above you may have noticed travel is special to me! Check out where I'm headed!

You may be asking, "why the heck should I care?" Well, let me tell ya, friend! If you're visiting Hawaii while I'm gone, you can guess that maybe I wouldn't be available to shoot with ya. OR maybe I'm coming to a place near you! Woohoo! That means that if we end up in the same corner of the earth together there would be NO travel fees for me to get to you! That's a BIG DEAL! So, let's explore together! I'm so ready for some new travel buddies!


Oahu, HI

All other dates APART FROM THOSE BELOW are available for Oahu and neighboring hawaiian islands OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD YOU'D LIKE TO GO!


October 4th-11th

October 12th - 18th


October 18th -31st



Southern California